Booking Agent: Methat Abdelati

Label: Mohr Publishing Ltd

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Marla Glen has been in the music business forover 30 years, with no plans on stopping any time soon!The raspy-voiced singer, who sings across musical styles, has never stopped performing a plethora of
songs in an array of styles including pop, rock, blues, gospel, reggae, house, soul, jazz and african
ethno music.

By the age of 18, Marla began drifting throughout the United States, playing open mic nights in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, New York, and California. California was where the artist had a chance to meet with Ms. Nina Simone and worked for the legend, as an assistant, driver, and whatever else Ms. Simone needed. Marla also happened to meet Mr. Bo Diddley while traveling around California as well. It was during this time that both Simone and Diddley would find themselves grooming the artist with pointers and advice for the young musician.

The artist received radio airplay throughout Europe, parts of the United States and was
offered TV shows, movies, commercials, and other musical opportunities. In 1995, the song "Believer" was used for a commercial of the clothing company C & A. And, in 2000/2001 Marla’s remake of James Brown hit, “It’s A Man’s World” was used in a commercial for men's fragrance Tabac. 


"The new album "Unexpected" can be understood and appreciated as a rebirth of an old music in its stylistic breadth and production technique."

Marla Glen


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