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Booking Agent: Heinz Spielvogel





Dance Music, Dark Matter, Direct Message, Dungeon Master, Distant Memory… People have tried to decipher the meaning behind the name Rare DM, but really it’s the Brooklyn-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Erin Hoagg. 

Rare DM is Hoagg at her most vulnerable and visceral, as she mines dates, breakups and other adventures to make revealing, romantic darkwave dance-pop music. 



VICE commended her 2019 debut album, Vanta Black, saying Hoagg’s “synth programming shimmers, [and] her drum machines burst with vintage warmth.” Her new work continues to explore the dark side of modern life, but now she’s more seductress than sad girl, bringing out her high-energy live show to support artists such as Molchat Doma, Mareux, and Drab Majesty.

With a collection of vintage analog synths, Hoagg transforms the mundane into the magical, transposing real DMs she’s sent and received into songs that reflect on the fractured nature of modern communication and online dating. Her songs are dark and deeply intimate, rendering in raw detail the search for that special connection we all crave, but rarely find. 


"through a range of analog and vintage synths, and shimmering melodies vaguely recalling early Kate Bush and Eurythmics — all elements work to create a foreboding aura. But Hoagg updates her self-produced retro electronic sound in often surprising ways, and the devil's in the details”

Rare DM


"With a sound akin to PJ Harvey, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and a David Lynch soundtrack, this cry out to an unjust cosmos asks why these two need to be psychically joined by the proverbial red cord during those intimate moments across an entire ocean. Sometimes the universe is too mysterious for its own good.” 

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